It All Started At The End

dir. Luis Ospina



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It All Started At the End is the self-portrait of the Grupo de Cali, also know as "Caliwood", a film lover group that in the middle of the 70's and 80's frantic rumbra and histori chaos, managed to produce a series of film works that are now fundamental in the history of colombian cinema. Simultaneously, the movie also tells the history of the filmmaker, who felt ill during the shooting. It is a survivors tale.

Director / Luis Ospina Production / Luis Ospina Executive Production / Sasha Quintero Screenplay / Luis Ospina Cinematographer / Francisco Medina Additional Cinematographer / José Luis Guerín, Lina González, Eduardo Carvajal, Luis Ospina, Rubén Mendoza, Margarita Peña, Miguel Salazar, Jaime Bonilla, Óscar Campo, Ramiro Arbeláez. Editing / Gustavo Vasco, Luis Ospina Original Score / Camilo Sanabria, Franz Schubert, Los Speakers, Johnny Pacheco & Rolando Laserie, Junior Jein, Bloque de Búsqueda. Sound design / Isabel Torres Sound / Isabel Torres, Andrés Montaña, Camilo Martínez, Amanda Villavieja Sound Mix / José Valenzuela Cast / Andrés Caicedo, Carlos Mayolo, Luis Ospina, Karen Lamassonne, Sandro Romero, Patricia Restrepo, Clarisol Lemos, Rosario Caicedo, Lina González, Guillermo Lemos, Hernando Guerrero, Beatriz Caballero, Vicky Hernández, Eduardo Carvajal.

Documentaries, 208 min.

Luis Ospina

Cali, 1949. He studied, cinema film at USC and UCLA. He was part of the Grupo de Cali alongside Calos Mayolo, Andrés Caicedo, and other artists. He has directed two fiction feature films, Pura sangre (1982) and Soplo de vida (1999). He has directed seven feature films and documentaries, as well as more than twenty short films, documentaries and argumentaries, some of his highlights are: Unos pocos amigos (1986), La desazón suprema: retrato incesante de Fernando Vallejo (2003) and Un tigre de papel (2007). his work has been awarded in festivals such as Oberhausen, Biarritz, La Habana, Sitges, Bilbao, Lille, Miami, Lima, Caracas and Toullouse. Presently, he is the director of FICCALI.
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