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The Mountain

dir. Rick Alverson

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1950's America. Since his mother's confinement to an institution, Andy has lived in the shadows of his histoic father. A family acquantance, Dr. Wallace Fiennes, employs the introverted young man as a photographer to document as asylum tour advocating for his increasingly controversial lobotomy procedure. As the tour progresses and Andy witnesses the doctor's career and life unravel, he begins to identify with the institution's patients. Arriving at a California mountain town, a growing center of the New Age movement, the encounter as unconventional French healer who requests a lobotomy for his own daughter, Susan. A surreal and uncompromising reckoning with the dangers of passivity, representation and utopian thought from the director of ENTRETAINMENT and THE COMEDY.

Director / Rick Alverson Screenplay / Rick Alverson, Dustin Guy Defa, Col O'Leary Production / Sara Murphy, Ryan Zacarias, Allison Rose Carter, Eddy Moretti Cast / Tye Sheridan, Denis Lavant, Udo Kier, Hannah Gross, Jeff Goldblum Cinematography / Lorenzo Hagerman Editing / Michael Taylor, Rick Alverson Sound / Gene Park

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Ficción, 108 min.

Rick Alverson

Spokane, 1971. Filmmaker and musician living in Richmond, Virginia. His feature films include THE MOUNTAIN (2018), ENTERTAINMENT (2015) and THE COMEDY (2012). His work has screened at Sundance Film Festival, Lorcano, New Directors/ New w Films, International Film Festival Rottterdam, and BAFICI among other festivals. He has directed videos for Oneohtrix Point Never, Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olson, amongst others .


  • 2018 – THE MOUNTAIN
  • 2012 – THE COMEDY
  • 2011 – NEW JERUSALEM
  • 2010 – THE BUILDER

Festivales y Premios

  • 2018 Festival de Cine de Venecia – Smithers Foundation Award
    Special Mention
  • 2018 Festival de Cine de Atenas
  • 2018 Festival de Cine Americano
  • 2018 Festival de Cine Estocolmo
  • 2019 Festival Internacional de Cine de Rotterdam
  • 2019 Festival de Cine de Sundance
  • 2019 Festival de Cine South by Southwest
  • 2019 Festival de Cine Sun Valley
  • 2019 Festival de Cine Oak Cliff
  • 2019 Festival de Cine de Campos Eliseos
  • 2019 BAMcinemaFest


“The whole film is gorgeous to look at, at any rate, with Jacqueline Abrahams’ production design poised between realistic sets littered with amusing vintage objects and unnaturally spare hospital wards. A dreamy feeling emanates from DP Lorenzo Hagerman’s muted browns and greens and soft focus. All the clues are there that Alverson and his co-screenwriters Colm O’Leary and Dustin Guy Defa are after bigger game than spoofing 1950s America.”

– Deborah Young : Hollywood Reporter

“Rick Alverson’s beautiful, often inscrutable new film takes a stand for eccentricity in a complacent suburban nightmare.”
– Guy Lodge: Variety

“Alverson leave very little room for serenity, bare compassion and affection gestures whose intensity and nakedness remind us of the great masters of trascendental cinema: Robert Bresson or Carl Dreyer. Fleeting halo lights amidst the heart of tragedy: the most devastating movie this critic has seen in a very long time.”
– Manu Yañez : Fotogramas

“A proposal as magnetic as it is immersive and captivating (…) this laberynth is just perfect.”
– Luis Martínez :  El Mundo

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