It Must Be Heaven

dir. Elia Suleiman

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Elia Suleiman, the main character and narrator of the story escapes from Palestine, searching for a new home, only to realize Palestine is chasing him, no matter where he goes. The promise of a new life turns into a comedy filled with errors. No matter how far you go, whether it be Paris, New York or Doha, there is always something that reminds her of her home; boder patrol, police, racism...Despite Elia trying to fin into society, the task turns out to be more difficult than expected.

Director: Elia Suleiman
Screenplay: Elia Suleiman
Production: Thanassis Karathanos, Michel Merkt, Serge Noël, Laurine Pelassy
Cinematography: Sifian El Fani
Editing: Véronique Lange
Sound: Johannes Deberenz
Cast: Gael García Bernal, Ali Suliman, Kwasi Songui, Grégoire Colin, Holden Wong, Robert Hidgen, Vincent Maraval, François Girard, Alain Dahan, Sebastien Beaulac, Ossama Bawardi, Natascha Wiese

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Ficción, 97 min.

Elia Suleiman

Nazareth, 1960. Actor, director and screenwriter.  lived in New York from 1981-1993. While in the United States, he directs his first two short films: Introduction to the End of an Argument and Homage by Assassination, winning numerous awards. In 1994, he settles down in Jerusalem, where the European Commission entrusts him with the mission of creating a Film and Media Department at Birzeit University. His essays and articles have been published in English, Arabic and French. His first feature film, Chronicle of a Disappearance, won the Best First Film Prize at the 1996 Venice Film Festival. In 2002, Divine Intervention won the Jury Prize at the Festival de Cannes as well as the Best Foreign Film Prize at the European Awards in Rome. Often compared to Tati and Keaton, Elia Suleiman handles burlesque and sobriety with the same poetic sense.


  • 2019 – It Must Be Heaven
  • 2009 – The Time That Remains
  • 2002 – Divine Intervention
  • 1996 – Chronicle of a Disappearance
  • 1990 – Introduction to the End of an Argument

Festivales y Premios

  • 2019 Festival de Cine de Cannes: Mención especial
  • 2019 Festival Internacional de Cine de Shanghai
  • 2019 Festival Internacional de Cine de Munich
  • 2019 Festival de Cine Transatlantyk
  • 2019 Festival de Cine New Horizons
  • 2019 Festival Internacional de Cine de Toronto


“Palestinian director Elia Suleiman continues to relish the minutiae and absurdities of daily life via vignettes of life at home and abroad.”
-Jay Weissberg: Variety

“Another love letter to Palestine from a modern Chaplin.”
– Deborah Yound: The Hollywood Reporter

“The absurdities and visual gags from It Must Be Heaven are the best ones in Suleimann’s path, which make this his better and must funny movie that makes a difference.”
– Kaleem Aftab: Cineropa

“A burlesque tale in which identity, nationality, and belonging are explored. Suleimann poses the question ‘Where can one feel at home?”
– EnFilme

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