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Frida is a six year old girl that just lost her mother. This 1993 summer is the first one on changes, it is full of live, of nature, of coming to terms, and the first one Frida will have to spend without her mother. In a beautiful rural context, she will live with her aunt and uncle, Esteve and Marga, alongside her charming cousin, Anna. Her grandparents and family visit her some weekends, however, Frida, without knowing much of what is happening, will have to face the day by day of a new reality.

Director / Carla Simon Screenplay / Carla Simon, Valentina Viso Cinematography / Santiago Racaj Editing / Didac Palou y Ana Pfaff Sound / Michael Baird, Alex Altman Original Score / Elvis Kuehn Production / Valérie Delpierre, María Zamora Production Companies: / Inicia Films, Avalon Cast / Laia Artigas, Paula Robles, Bruna Cusí, David Verdaguer

Ficción, 99 min.

Carla Simón

Barcelona, 1986. Director and screenwriter. She was born in Barcelona but grew up in Les Planes d'Hostoles, a small village in Catalonia. AIDS took away her parents when she was only 6 years of age and she had to live with her aunt and uncle in Ampurdán. This experience was the  inspiration for her first feature film, "Estiu 1993" entirely made in Catalan. It was premiered at Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas (Spain). It was selected to represent Spain at the Oscars. Carla Simón graduated from the UUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona with a degree in visual communications in 2009. She obtained a masters degree in tv innovation and quality from the Televisión de Catalunya in 2010 and master of artes from the London Fils School. In London, she directed the documentary "Born Positive" and the short fiction film "Lipstick."


  • 2017 - Estiu 1993 - Verano 1993 (largometraje, 96'), España.
  • 2014 - Las pequeñas cosas (cortometraje, 27'), Reino Unido.
  • 2013 - Lipstick (cortometraje, 9'), Reino Unido.
  • 2012 - Born Positive (documental, 18'), Reino Unido.
  • 2009 - Women (video experimental, 6'), USA.
  • 2009 - Lovers (video-poema, 25'), USA.

Festivales y Premios

  • 2017 BERLINALE
    Premio a la mejor Ópera Prima
    Gran Premio del Jurado Generation K Plus
  • 2017 Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente
    Premio del público
  • 2017 Festival de Cine Latino de Alemania
    Premio del Público
  • 2017 Festival de Málaga
  • 2018 Festival Interncional de Cine de Panamá
  • Premios Goya
    Mejor Actriz Revelación
    Mejor Actor de Reparto
    Mejor Dirección Novel
  • Premios Gaudí
    Mejor Actriz de Reparto
    Mejor Película en Idioma Catalán
    Mejor Director
    Mejor Guión Original
    Mejor Edición
  • Premio Fénix al Mejor Guión
  • Fotogramas de Plata por Mejor película Español


“A delicate film that movingly looks at an orphaned six-year-old’s loneliness and confusion without the usual dip into sentimentality (…) strikes a careful balance between narrative and atmosphere.”
– Jay Weissberg: Variety

“An authentic prodigy of expressive delicacy, crossed by such a luminous and cruel sensitivity, that disarms and catches, it shrinks you from within. An amazing movie.” – Beatriz Martínez: Fotogramas

“The result is brilliant, luminous: Laia Artigas resumes in his sight the exploration the filmmaker makes with her camara over her own emotional learning.” 
– Quim Casas: Diario El Periódico

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