Atrás hay relámpagos

dir. Julio Hernández Cordón

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Sole and Ana travel around the city in her bycicles, sometimes by themselves, and sometimes accompanied by some BMX lovers. One day, in a car parked insided Sole's grandma's garden, the girls find something they would rather forget as soon as possible. Filmed in Costa Rica, the most recent film by guatemalan director Julio Hernández Cordón goes back to one of his most common themes within his filmography: youth's frensy, ever shining in a time that lacks from the future's perspective.

Director / Julio Hernández Cordón Production / Amaya Izquierdo Cinematography / Nicolás Wong Díaz Cast / Adriana Álvarez, Natalia Arias, Francisco Matamoros, Lou Uba, Francisco Ortíz Screenplay / Julio Hernández Cordón Sound / José Rommel Tuñón Editing / Lenz Claure Producer / De Raíz Producciones, Rey Poeta Cine Art director / Carolina Lett

, .
Ficción, 86 min.

Julio Hernández Cordón

North Carolina, 1975.  Filmmaker. He studied teaching comunication in 2000 and later studied filmmaking at CCC in Mexico. After several shortfilms, he directed the feature film Gasolina (2008), which received many awards, including best latinamerican movie in Horizons Film Festival and  Polvo (2012), which received a grant from the Cinèfondation residency of Cannes. In 2015, his feature film I Promise You Anarcy was premiered at Lorcano Film Festival, where it competed for the Pardo d'Oro as the only latinamerican film. At Morelia Film Fest he won the Premio Guerrero for best Mexican movies as well as a special mention from the jury. His latest films Atràs hay relámpagos (2017) and Compráme un revólver, the latter premiering at the 50th Director's Fortnight in Cannes.


  • 2018 – Cómprame un revolver
  • 2017 – Atrás Hay Relámpagos
  • 2015 – Te Prometo Anarquía
  • 2012 – Polvo
  • 2008 –Gasolina


“The guatemalan cinematographer, Julio Hernández Cordón, gives another step in his career in describing, through film, the virtues and needs of the actual world’s youth with his movie Atrás hay relámpagos.”
José Luis García: Cinestel

“In order to be sorrounded by the rich atmosphere of the movie, for moments fun and relaxed, others painful and decadent, one needs to be pacient and sentitive.”
— David Ornelas: Icónica 


“At first glance, it is hard to follow film , but with a little bit of reflexion, one starts to understand how real life events are gathered; the why as to something happens at certain times and why some others happend very specifically. Wheter it be sad or happy, the movie also shows that the past helps us to understand the present, and how to be prepared for the future.”
— Gustavo Campos: Contexto 

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