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dir. Agnès Varda, JR



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Four handed documentary made by the legendary Agnès Varda and the graphic urban artist JR. Both artists travel across France's roads and pay homage to the faces and places they visit, they take pictures and immortalised them in ephemeral installations made by Jr. At 89 years old, Varda gift us a strand of the documentary road movie. A movie about the possibilities of the visual image, wether it be still or in motion, that reflects upon the development, showing, and reception of the images of the actual times. The documentary centers around the faces, the meetings, and the image repertoire related to both artists, as well as the portrayal of the relation between the partnership and friendship of a 89 year old woman and a 33 year old man.

Director / Agnès Varda, JR Original Score / Matthieu Chedid Cinematography / Roberto De Angelis, Claire Duguet, Julia Fabry, Nicolas Guicheteau, Romain Le Bonniec, Raphaël Minnesota, Valentin Vignet Production Companies / arte France Cinéma Ciné Tamaris Social Animals Cast / Jean-Luc Godard, JR, Laurent Levesque, Agnès Varda

Documentaries, 89 min.

Agnès Varda

Brussels, 1928. Director.She directed more than forty pieces, including documentaries, short films and feature film-fiction films. Her background in cinematography allowed her to capture the small details of the reality that surrounded her. Her first movie was La pointe courte, where the influence of Rossellini is perceived. Her first movies portrays the impact of the french new wave, where Cleo de 5 à 7 (1961)  is one of the more importants. The second phase of her work begins with May 68, where critics say she was influenced by the optimistical spirit of the time. Happiness (1965),  The Creatures (1966) Lion's Love (1969) questions the rigidness of the bourgeoisie. One Sings, The Other Doesn't stands out with a jovial style, transforming the feminist fights in a kitsch colored dance. One of her most prominent works was The Vagabond, starring Sandrine Bonnaire, giving life to a vagabond that lives in the fate of the streets. In the movie cohabited actors and the local people, which spouted a new trend in the contemporary realist cinema, headed by the Dardenne brothers and Ken Loach. Black Panthers (1968), Daguérrotypes (1975), Murs, murs (1980), Jane B. par Agnès V. (1987), Cinéverdaphoto (2004), The Gleaners and I and its sequel Two Years Later are considered to be masters of the genre of historic testimonies and of the pass of time according to the critic. In 2017 she presented her movie Faces and Places, made alongside the artist JR, and in which she proposes the intertwining between documentary, play and social experimentation of her cinema.


Paris, 1983. Jean René, best known as JR. Street artist, also known as clandestine photographer. He takes black and white photographs, then he enlarges them and paste them in the big city walls, so everyone can see them. He does so as he says that the street is the biggest gallery in the world. Having started in the streets of Paris, JR has acquired greater knowleadge. In 2011 he won the TED award, which has also been won by characters such as Bono (U2 singer) and Bill Clinton.


  • 2016 - Rostros y lugares
  • 2008 - Les Plages d'Agnès
  • 2002 - Dos años después
  • 1999 - Los espigadores y la espigadora
  • 1995 - L'Univers de Jacques Demy
  • 1995 - Las cien y una noches
  • 1985 - Sin techo ni ley
  • 1967 - Loin du Vietnam
  • 1962 - Cleo de 5 a 7

Festivales y Premios

  • 2017 Festival de Cannes
    Premio L'Œil d'or
  • 2017 Festival Internacional de Cine de Toronto
    Premio Grolsch People’s Choice
  • 2017 Festival Internacional de Cine de Vancuver
    Premio Most Popular International Documentary
  • 2017 Festival Internacional de Cine de Nueva Zelanda
  • 2018 Festival Internacional de Cine Qcinema
  • 2018 Festival Internacional de Cine de Tromsø
  • 2018 Festival de Cine de Belfast
    Premio Independent Spirit Award al Mejor Documental
  • National Society of Film Critics
    Mejor película de no ficción
  • New York Film Critics Circle
    Mejor película de no ficción


“A tribute to memory’s lucidity. To the memory of faces and places, endearing movies, terroirs and tireless frecuented cities, lengthy friendships and lost loves (…) a formidable documentary.”
– Carlos Bonfil: La Jornada

“Road movie documentary (…) a joyful celebration of the urge to create art and the duty to celebrate life.”
– Allan Hunter: Screendaily

“A happy movie, but also melancholy (…) it contains a humanist gesture, a certain sweetness that urges us to keep faith in cinema as a luminous guide in dark times.” – Manu Yáñez: Fotogramas”A happy movie, but also melancholy (…) it contains a humanist gesture, a certain sweetness that urges us to keep faith in cinema as a luminous guide in dark times.”
– Manu Yáñez: Fotogramas

“Charming (…) Agnès Varda, in the glory of her golden years, has become a humanist magician (…) “Visages Villages” makes a powerful statement about the kind of society we’re becoming.”
– Owen Gleiberman: Variety

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