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The comedian bolivian are settled in Argentina. They are celebrating, for two sundays in a row, their patroness: Nuestra Señora de Copacabana. From all ove the country, arrive musical and dance groups in a pilgrimage that is gathered in the bonaerense hood from Charrúa. This celebration is the most important event amongst bolivian immigrant, and, going beyond folklore and religion, suposses a vibrant meeting and cultural conection between traditions deeply roothed in the colective memory of a whole town.

Director / Martín Rejtman Production / Rosa Martínez Rivero Cinematography / Martín Mohadeb, Diego Poleri Sound / Jesica Suarez

Documentaries, 56 min.

Martín Rejtman

Buenos Aires, 1961. Director, writer and screenwriter. He studied film at Escuela Panamericana de Arte in Buenos Aires, 1981. He moved to the United States and studied directing at NYU. In film, he has worked as a direction asistant in Argentina and in Italy as a film editing asistant at the Cinecittà studios. As a writer, he has published several books which include Rapado, Velcro y yo and Tres Cuentos. Rejtman is a key name in the renovation of argentininan cinema, he build peculiar poetic and style in two medium lenght films, Doli vuelve a casa and Entrenamiento elemental para actores, a documentary, Copacabana, and four fiction feature films, Rapado, Silvia Pirero, Los guantes mágicos and Dos Disparos. Any fragment of Silvia Prieto or Dos disparos or Los guantes mágicos contain the coordenates of his cinematic universe. Rejtman cinematic way are irrefutably irrevocable: in just a few minutes he imposes, with clarity, his directing personality. Rejtman is an obsevie filmmaker and also and obsesive writer. The elements that he brings to the table, in film as well as in literature, are controled, and he masters them wholy. The "Rejtman touch" , perhaps, consists of making an everlasting moving cinema, which appears to regenaret time and time again from a place of aparent tranquility. The shooter might be a person who is called like any other, a little doll, and old car, a bag, a motorcycle.


  • 2009 — Entrenamiento elemental para actores
  • 2007 — Copacabana
  • 2003 — Los Guantes Mágicos
  • 1999 — Silvia Prieto
  • 1992 — Rapado
  • 1986 — Doli vuelve a casa
  • 1986 — Sitting on a Suitcase

Festivales y Premios

  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Rotterdam 2007
  • FICCO: Premio FIPRESCI al Mejor documental 2007
  • Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2007
  • Los Angeles Film Festival 2007
  • Locarno Film Festival 2007
  • Festival de Cine de Lima 2007
  • Festival des 3 Continents
    Nantes 2007
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón 2007


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“Una obra sobria , elegante y luminosa que Marcelo Panozzo comparó con precisión con algunos pasajes de Shara, la obra maestra de la japonesa Naomi Kawase”.
— Diego Batlle: Otros Cines

“Si algo fascina especialmente en Copacabana son las escenas de baile filmadas de manera rigurosa (…) el filme se adentra tanto en el lenguaje de los cuerpos, los bailes y las festividades, como en pequeñas historias de la inmigración, casi como yendo del final al principio de la historia”.
— Diego Lerer: Micropsia Cine

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