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Virus Tropical

dir. Santiago Caicedo, Paola Gaviria



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Paola is the youngest of three siblings living in Quito, Peru. His father, a former priest, leaves the family to go back to Cali, his home town. The dreams are abandoned, companies have shut down, love blossoms and vanishes quickly. Paola grows up in the middle of this maelstrom, trying to stay faithful to herself. Surrounded by her mother and two younger brothers, Paola tries to find her place in this world. Based on the graphic novel Virus Tropical by Powerpaola.

Director / Santiago Caicedo, Paola Gaviria Screenplay / Paola Gaviria (Powerpaola) Enrique Lozano Editing / Simón Hernández, Jorge Vallejo, Santiago Caicedo Sound / Andrés Silva Original Score / Adriana García Galán Art director / Adriana García Galán (Powerpaola) Production / Carolina Barrera, Santiago Caicedo Executive Production / Carolina Barrera Quevedo Production Company / Timbo Estudio Cast (voices) / María Cecilia Sánchez, Alejandra Borrero, Diego León Hoyos, Martina Toro, Mara Gutiérrez

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Animación, 96 min.

Paola Gaviria (Powerpaola)

Quito, 1977.  Artist and comic book illustrator. She has lived across the world and has garnered many artist residencies such as La Cité Internationale des Arts, in Parte and the Firstdraft Gallery, in Sidney. She was the winer of the project En Vitrina: during 14 days, she made a performance inside a display, drawing whatever was in front of her. She gathered a drawing club at the Amazonian river for two months thanks to the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño grant. She has showcase her drawing journals and her calendars in many cities, like New York, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Milan, Paris and fairs like La Fiac and Slick. Some of her sketchbooks are part of the collection at the library Luis Ángel Arango (Bogota). Her work is autobiographical and it explores drawing, narrative, the routinary, and the text. Aside from her graphic novel, Virus Tropical, she has published other tiles such as La Madremonte, Por dentro, La Silueta, Diario de Powerpaola, and QP. She is part of the collective Chicks on  Comics. She lives in Buenos Aires and publishes monthly in the magazine Arcadia.

Santiago Caicedo

Bogota, 1976. Director, screenwriter and producer. He has garner great recognition for his riské visuals within his shortfilms: from Come Coco to Uyuyui!, he has ventured in the exploration of organic concections between the possibilities of animation and stories.


  • 2018—Virus Tropical
  • 2015—Microaventuras
  • 2014—La Forma del Caracol
  • 2011—Uyuyui!
  • 2007—Moving Still
  • 2007—Galaxy
  • 2006—Come Coco
  • 2003—Hueco
  • 2003—Why Won't She Open Up

Festivales y Premios

  • 2018 Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya
  • 2018 FICCI
  • 2018 BERLINALE
  • 2018 Festival de Cine de Southwest: Gran Premio del Público
  • 2018 Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey
  • 2018 Festival Internacional de Cine de Toronto
  • 2018 Festival SXSW: Premio del Público
  • 2018 Festival Internacional de Cine de Seattle
  • 2018 Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente: Premio del Público a Mejor Película Extranjera y Premio SIGNIS
  • 2018 Festival de Cine de Olympia: Premio del Plúbico por película Narrativo
  • 2018 FICCALI
  • 2018 Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec: Prix du Jury Cinéphile — Premier Long Métrage


“Charmingly authentic (…) its perspective on middle-class life in South America is fresh and engaging.”

– Deborah Young: The Hollywood Reporter

“The film manages to transmit, in a very felt and efective way, going from drama to comedy, Paola’s feelings throughout the different changes she goes through the years in this animated memoir.”
– Diego Lerer: Micropsia

“Each scene is a graphic surprise: the suggestive and creative way to draw and animate the sea, the rain, the smoke, the Cali mountain, or the nature from the Galápagos, or the amazing urban landscapes.”
– Guilherme de Alencar Pinto: La Diaria

“A work that reaches the heart and opens up a personal window, so that we can peak into the fascinating femenine psique.”
– André Didyme-Dome: Rolling Stone Colombia

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