• “Charmingly authentic (…) its perspective on middle-class life in South America is fresh and engaging.”

    – Deborah Young: The Hollywood Reporter

    “The film manages to transmit, in a very felt and efective way, going from drama to comedy, Paola’s feelings throughout the different changes she goes through the years in this animated memoir.”
    – Diego Lerer: Micropsia

    “Each scene is a graphic surprise: the suggestive and creative way to draw and animate the sea, the rain, the smoke, the Cali mountain, or the nature from the Galápagos, or the amazing urban landscapes.”
    – Guilherme de Alencar Pinto: La Diaria

    “A work that reaches the heart and opens up a personal window, so that we can peak into the fascinating femenine psique.”
    – André Didyme-Dome: Rolling Stone Colombia