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Hasta el sol tiene manchas

dir. Julio Hernández Cordón

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Through a yellow filter, this ludic and experimental film centers around the friendship that is build between two excentric character: Pepe Moco and Beto. The first one is a boy with a sligh mental handicap that wanders through the streets, promoting a presidential candidate, with a cartoon on his back. Such support arose because the candidate promised the guatemalan people something rather appealing: to take the national football team to the World Cup. Beto, on the other hand, uses grafitti as a way to manifest his disatisfaction with his life. He makes a living robbing and hitting with a ball unaware passer-byers.

Director / Julio Hernández Cordón Producers / Pamela Guinea, Julio Hernández Cordón, Michel Lipkes, María Lourdes Cortés, Carlos Cortés, Karina Avellán Troz y Marcelo Quesada Production Company / Melindrosa Films Cinematography / Julio Hernández Cordón y Pablo Rojas. Editing / Julio Hernández Cordón, Pablo Rojas y Eduardo Spiegeler. Sound / Axel Mishael Muñoz Barba Original Score / Tiananmen, Woodser, Bacteria Sound / System Crew, Rain of God, Warning.

Ficción, 62 min.

Julio Hernández Cordón

North Carolina, 1975 is a filmmaker. He studied teaching comunication in 2000 and later studied filmmaking at CCC in Mexico. After several shortfilms, he directed the feature films Gasolina (2008), that received many awards, which include best latinamerican movie in Horizons Film Festival and (2012), which received a grant from the Cinèfondation residency of Cannes. In 2015, his feature film I Promise You Anarcy was premiered at Lorcano Film Festival, where it compited for the Pardo d'Oro as the only latinamerican film. At Morelia Film Fest he won the Premio Guerrero for best Mexican movies as well as a special mention from the jury. His latest films Atràs hay relámpagos (2017) and Compráme un revólver, the latter premiering at the 50th Director's Fortnight in Cannes.


  • Gasolina (2008)
  • Polvo (2012)
  • Te Prometo Anarquía (2015)
  • Atrás Hay Relámpagos (2017)
  • Cómprame un revolver (2018)

Festivales y Premios

  • 2012 Festival Internacional de Documental de Marsella: Prize & Georges de Beauregard International Special Mention
  • 2012 Festival de Cine de la Riviera Maya
  • 2012 Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires
  • 2012 Festival Transcinema de No-Ficción


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«Es un filme personal, se trata de una despedida y un recuento del cine pobre y con las uñas que ha realizado en su amada Guatemala. Un cine con historias comunes, con mucho compromiso social y denuncia, con planteamientos que desafían a todos los sectores sociales».
— Cinema 2.0

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