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dir. Valeska Grisebach


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In rural Bulgaria, a group of german workers is set on a local hydroelectric plant. The journey and the foreign territory wakes up in them a sense of adventure but tensions grow deeper when Meinhardm the silent newcomer, starts to interact with the locals. Both groups speak different languages and share a problematic history ¿will they be able to trust in each other? ¿or are they preparing for a new battleground scenario?

Director / Valeska Grisebach Screenplayista / Valeska Grisebach Cinematography / Bernhard Keller Editing / Bettina Böhler Sound / Uve Haußig, Fabian Schmidt, Martin Steyer Producers / Maren Ade, Jonas Dornbach, Janine Jackowski, Valeska Grisebach, Michel Merkt Cast / Meinhard Neumann, Reinhardt Wetrek, Syuleyman Alilov Letifov, Veneta Frangova

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Ficción, 119 min.

Valeska Grisebach

Bremen, 1968. Director and writer. She studied philosophy and german studies. In 1993 she was admitted to the Filmakademie Wien under the wing of Peter Patzakm Wolfgan Glück and Michael Haneke. Her directorial debut film "Be My Star" was nominated for the Adolf-Grimme Awards in 2002 and won the critics awards at the Torino Film Festival. Her second feature film, "Longing," was premiered in the oficial selection at BERLINALE. She garnered various awards, including the special jury award at BAFICI, the Grand Prix Astturias at the Gijón Festival and the special jury award in Warsow. "Western," her third feature film, was premiered at Cannes and has garnered several international distinctions in the Film Festivas of Yerevan, Jerusalem, Motvu, New Horizons.


  • 2017—Western
  • 2006—Longing
  • 2001-Be my Star

Festivales y Premios

  • 2017 Festival de Cannes
  • 2017 Festival Internacional de Cine del Mar del Plata
    Premio Astor de Plata a Mejor Directora
  • 2017 Art Film Festival
  • 2017 Festival de Cine de Jerusalén
    Premio Wilf Family Foundation
  • 2017 Festival de Cine de Lisboa & Estoril
  • 2017 Festival Internacional de Cine T-Mobile New Horizons International
    Premio FIPRESCI y Premio Grand Prix
  • 2017 Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla
    Premio del Jurado
  • 2017 Festival de Cine de Motovun
    Premio FIPRESCI y Premio Propeller of Motovun
  • 2017 Festival Internacional de Cine de Minsk
    Premio al Mejor Actor y Premio Grand Prix Golden Listapad
  • 2017 Fünf Seen Film Festival
  • 2018 Festival de Cine Almería Western
  • 2018 Festival de Cine de Gotemburgo
  • 2018 Festival Internacional de Estambul
    Premio Tulipán de Oro
  • 2018 Festival Internacional de Cine de Tromsø
    Premio Aurora


“There are no stagecoaches or six-shooters in this sharp, simmering drama of German-Bulgarian discord, but the spirit of John Ford graces it.”

– Guy Lodge, Variety

“An amazing existential study of masculinty.”
– Sight and Sound Magazine 

“A powerful drama, deeply human and intrinsically politico. It evokes the cinematic poem Beau Travail by Claire Denis.”
– Daniel Kasman, MUBI Notebook

“Valeska Grisebach uses the tropes of the western genre to tell a story that resonates globally.”
– Peter Kelly, Cinema Guild production director


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