• «It is a movie about gay experience, it is not about migration, but about displacement, about forgetfulness, memory and reconstruction, global and deeply human topics. The characters in the movie end up meeting in the middle at some point but in reality, it is a history with no end.»

    —The director for Encuadres

    «Exile, identity and sexuality, a triage of elements that are mixed in the character of Ramin, an iranian migrant who lands in Veracruz harbor, a place of transference/transit/transport for a character that is  not only running away from his demons, but also from the problematic reality of being gay in the middle east; the search for the embrace of an identity that welcoms his true self.»

    —José Emilio Sarmiento: Panorama

    «The topic of marginalization born out of facism and violent contexts, in which, one way of another, the «fireflies» (from Pasolini’s essay) manage to comunicate insided the shadows where they were exiled to.»

    — Matt Micucci: Gay Essential