• “A movie about indivial leeway that is also a colective portrait where peculiar charactares gather.”
    —Quim Casa: El Periódico

    “The key to the main reading of Alché’s movie is what we need to live and what we left when we die.”
    —Esteban García de La Mata: Icónica

    “If to [Fellini] the unconscious might resemble a three track circus, or and exhuberant cabarét, María Alché wages subtle narratives to address, in her feature filmfilmdebut film, a personal crisis. The more Martelian rather Fellian , A Family Submerged is dominated by the presence of Mercedes Morán that shows herself to the audience between net curtains before presenting that her eyes enclosed all of the sadness in the world.”
    —Jordi Costa: El País

    “This movie (. . .) talks about those moments where we desperately need a breath of fresh air. The protagonist is looking to surface with in order to open her mouth, her lungs and to decir wheter to keep floating or if we are to breath again in order to reach our acquaintances, and to maybe end up swiming in that love and hate aquarium that we call family.”
    —Valeria Jauré: Culturizarte