• “A surprisingly real and visually amazing story (…) Perhaps the harsh stories about drugs are nothing new, but this one sure has something deep to share.”
    – Owen Gleiberman: Variety

    “The war takes on a mithological tone to narrate what it is, essentially, a story about latinamerican gangsters (…) the makers assume a sober tone that evades the narco movies’ violent excesses.”
    Leonardo García Tsao: La Jornada 

    “The result is potent, articulate,  splattered by extraordinary sequences, and it is build wiht a maginific sense of rythm.”
    Sergio Huibobro: Cine Premier 

    “Superbly crafted (…) it intelligently  explores how longstanding traditions can be gradually upended by drugs, money and outside influences.
     Jordan Mintzer: The Hollywood Reporter

    “Is an engrossing narco-thriller which deftly balances the storytelling tradition of the Wayuu with the genre conventions of the crime movie and the western.”
     Wendy Ide: Screendaily