• “As with so many of Denis’ films, the point is to contrive an overwhelmingly powerful mood and moment, an almost physiological sensation, this one incubated in the vast, cold reaches of space.”
    –Peter Bradshaw: The Guardian

    “The vastness of space is such a natural fit for the free-floating narratives of Claire Denis, it’s a wonder she hasn’t embraced sci-fi before now.”
    –Peter Howell: Toronto Star

    “To the french director, Claire Denis, is never enough to just thread the narrative lines that push us to contemplations (…) but also she transgredes and reformulates the principles and believes in which her dignity is posed.”
    –Jesús Chavarría: La Razón

    “Any chance at trying to define High Life is futile: there is no science fiction film this critic remembers that shows and is so midnful of bodly fluids –semen, blood, and tears– as well as a newborn’s cry, as if the universe’s enigmas–In this black hole–were, actually, the enigmas of the body.”
    –Sergi Sánchez: Fotogramas